Do you have an Amazon Fire TV or Android TV-compatible device? Great – PUT VRV ON IT!

Wait! And you are…?

Oh, I’m Tom. Some call me, “The guy who looks like Michael Scott,” others, “No, no, the OTHER Tom”, and some as “The guy who only communicates with GIFs,” but HR says that I’m the Product Manager for all of our VRV applications (which means whenever someone is upset with the VRV apps, they yell at me…OH WHAT A GREAT JOB I HAVE!!1!).

Are you here to tell us what to watch on VRV?

No, I’ll be stopping by regularly to share news about our VRV website and apps, especially new features/app launches, cool features and anything else that would be cool to share about the teams building these apps.

But I need to know what to watch NOW!


How to Keep a Mummy is adorbs…

Mii-kun is adorbs

Pop Team Epic is batshit nuts…

Pop Team Epic is nuts

And Bravest Warriors has always been Wankershim


So…what was this blog post about, anyway?

Oh, yeah! We’ve launched the VRV app for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices! You can now go to Amazon and download the VRV app for Fire TV or go to the Google Play Store and download the VRV app for Android TV devices.

Great! How do I download it to my device?

Well, first I gave you links above you dingus. If don’t know how to jam with console cowboys in cyberspace, start up your Amazon Fire TV device or Android TV device, search for “VRV”, find the app and download it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

What can the VRV app for Amazon Fire TV / Android TV do?

It can help you do all the things the other TV-connected VRV app can do: find cool new shows, watch videos, manage watchlists, and allow your roommate to walk in on you crying the couch because the mummy using its absorbent body to bring down your fever at risk of illness DAMN IT SORA YOU HAVE A GOOD BABBY PROTECT IT!

Are you going to release an app for other devices?

Yes! Our team is working diligently getting our VRV Apple TV app built and released so that there’s one less thing to rage about on Twitter. We don’t have a date to announce yet, but I’ll just say that you should expect it Soon™. Add that to web, mobile, Xbox and PS4 consoles and Roku devices, aren’t you happy with all of devices you’ll have VRV on?

Well, when can I have it on ALL the other devices as well? Like the Nintendo Switch???