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Ten Comedy Specials That Aren’t By White Men (and One That Is)

The comedy world is in the midst of a reckoning. Emboldened by one another, more and more performers are getting the courage to call out abusers in the industry, and audiences are starting to give more attention to acts that don’t fit the classic image of the standup comic—straight, white and male. But in an endless sea of original specials, it can be hard to sift through what’s actually worth watching, especially when everyone looks like a randomly generated white guy.


The Anime Series That Deconstructs Itself

The key to a successful comedy series lies in establishing circumstances for characters’ antics and misadventures. When a series sets up a reliable framework, new episodes can build upon that identity while still staying fresh with new jokes. This can be seen in all sorts of episodic comedies including gag anime, which typically build their identity around a world ruled by bizarre logic or fantasy elements. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. does just this by shaping an otherwise normal world around its hapless, psychic protagonist.

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Gary and His Demons Tackles the True Horrors of Life

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (‘n Goblins) are totally terrifying in their own right, but many of those shocks and shivers start to lose their punch when you place them next to some of life’s greatest challenges. Likelosing those you love, or dealing with the death of a beloved pet. How about holding a steady job, or even trying to get rid of a job that’s a little too steady? These are the real horrors of humanity, and they’re on full display right past that split-in-twain specter in Mondo’s new animated series Gary and His Demons.


Gary and His Demons: A Hellishly Funny Take on Office Drudgery Comes to VRV

Fresh from the curse-ridden tar pits of Mondo Media comes a new VRV Exclusive series! The first episode of the darkly comedic Gary and His Demons released on Mondo’s channel here on VRV this past Sunday, and it’s a remarkably strong start for the series. The jokes all land perfectly, but what’s truly great about this first episode is the frankly tragic, extremely human drama underlying Gary’s absurd situation. Let’s take a look at what makes this show tick!


A Beginner’s Guide to the McElroy Brothers

Maybe you stumbled upon a funny clip from their podcast. Maybe you’ve seen some of their video game journalism work. Maybe you have some friends who cosplay characters from The Adventure Zone. However you went about it, you’ve probably encountered some form of content created by the McElroy Brothers. This post will serve as a guide for those looking to dive even deeper into the media empire created by Justin, Travis, and Griffin!


If You Liked The Adventure Zone, You’ll Love This

A lot of people love the Adventure Zone. love the Adventure Zone. As someone who had little interest in tabletop roleplaying games beforehand, listening to Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy weave a disarmingly charming and lovely story out of their play sessions really opened my eyes to how special these games can be. If you’re caught up with TAZ and need something else to fill that hole in your free time, I’ve got a list of shows that provide something for all types of fans of Taako, Merle, and Magnus!


If You Like Game Grumps, You’ll Love This!

Game Grumps is objectively wonderful—I’ve wiled away plenty of hours watching their comedic let’s plays! Looking for more of that magic? We’re here to help! If you’re a fan of Dan, Arin, the rest of the Gumps, and their escapades, here are four titles you’ll love.