What to Watch While Traveling

Travel is hard, y’all.

Whether you travel for business or for vacation, travel is tough. There are people all around, unfamiliar places, delays, and scheduling conflicts everywhere. If you’re flying, there are the plane delays, the long lines to get through security, the more tedious lines to get on the plane, and the endless, existential sitting around that is the actual flying itself where you’re hanging out in a metal tube avoiding gravity for hours and hours! And then, once you land, there is more waiting to get to the gate, to deboard the plane, to find your taxi or subway or bus…

You need a lot of patience to travel anywhere these days. So what do you do to fill the time? We at VRV have got you covered. With our mobile app, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Cool, right? But what to watch? You don’t want to get so engrossed in your show that you miss your flight. Nor do you want to lose the thread of your show when the announcement comes over the loudspeaker that your plane is suddenly leaving from a totally different gate. Watching VRV shows out in public, while traveling is a different beast than watching them from the comfort of your own home. Check out our list of favorite travel shows and share yours in the comments!

Interviews With Monster Girls


Most of this show is animated in bright colors so you can watch it inside or in an area with sun glare. The characters are silly, weird, and enjoyable to keep your interest during almost any type of travel and the storylines are direct enough that, if your name is called over the airport intercom, you won’t miss the only connecting flight out of Minneapolis. Twice.

Speed Racer

It’s a classic for a reason.

Adventure ahoy! Good animation, an inventive plot, and silly jokes makes Speed Racer a great choice when travelling or when you get to the hotel room and you just want to relax.

The only trouble is if you are traveling with anyone old enough to remember when this show was first on the air. They might want to share your headphones and watch with you!

Tea War: The Adventures of Robert Fortune

This documentary is a little too engrossing for idle travel times, but makes a perfect selection to watch when you’re stuck 35,000 feet in the air for a few hours. I never thought much about how tea spread across the world from China and India, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Adventure can be found anywhere, and Tea War just proves that history is full of adventure. (And crazy people.)

Choose Our Destiny: Improv Adventure

Filmed improv sessions can definitely be hit or miss, a lot of times the camera just can’t capture why an improvised scene works. However, Choose Our Destiny is a solid improv show that follows the Choose Your Own Adventure format. I like watching this show while on the road because it doesn’t take any effort on my part. It’s amusing, it’s full of people who are having the time of their lives, and it doesn’t repeat itself. Episodes are about 30 minutes long, which makes it perfect to break up different sections of the journey, or to unwind with after a long day of travel.

Stargate, SG-1, SG Atlantis

Stargate – lots and lots of episodes

We juuuust added the Stargate universe to VRV, so I was hesitant to add this title to my list. But who am I kidding? Stargate is awesome and can stand on its own in any number of lists.

There comes a time when you travel when you are absolutely sick to death of the travel. Maybe it’s the jet lag, maybe it’s culture shock, maybe you are just really, really tired of dealing with people. But there comes a time in every traveller’s journey when they simply can’t stand to be a part of the world. When this happens to me, my favorite thing to do is to grab some food, lock the door to my hotel room, and binge watch Stargate. If you know the universe, you can start at any point in any of the series or movies. The writing and universe building is tight enough that it all interconnects. If you aren’t familiar with the universe, start with the first movie and enjoy, my friend, enjoy.

I have a trip coming up in a few weeks and I have been saving Stargate Origins. I am already planning my Do Not Disturb night so I can devour it properly. Happy traveling, friends!