Your Weekly Guide to VRV 2/12 – 2/18

You find yourself in an abandoned movie theater. A thick layer of dust coats everything from the ornate banisters lining the stairway to the faded, crumbling movie posters in glass frames. You slowly ascend the stairway and hear a crinkling sound underfoot. It’s an aged pamphlet. You pick it up and see the words “Coming Soon: VRV Film Buff Week” in ornate lettering on its cover. You reach the top of the stairs and come to a nondescript door. You open it to reveal a projection room, crowded with hundreds of film reels. One calls out to you. You spool it through the projector and turn it on. Through the projectionist’s window you see the theater screen illuminate with the words “Your Weekly Guide to VRV.” Sit back and enjoy its contents: