Here at VRV, we love when comics get worthy adaptations on the silver screen. Here are some of our favorite shows and movies based on comics, manga, and graphic novels!

The Cyanide and Happiness Show


This comedy series is based on a popular webcomic started by four friends in 2004. The comic’s dark and surreal humor helped it build an audience of millions of readers and eventually resulted in this animated adaptation!



This return trip to the world of the ninja, like its predecessor, was a based on a manga of the same name. Boruto follows the son of the Hokage and his friends as they grow up learning the ways of the ninja!



A Swedish graphic novel from comics artist Kim W. Andersson provided inspiration for this horror movie. The original work mixes a haunting atmosphere and brutal violence to explore themes of bullying and coming of age.

Mob Psycho 100


This explosive and experimental anime has rather humble beginnings. Manga author One started this series as a webcomic before it was collected in book form and adapted into a

Axe Cop


The third series on this list based on a webcomic, Axe Cop started as a collaborative effort between two brothers. 5 year old Malachai produced the script which was then illustrated by 29 year old Ethan — resulting in a strange, hilarious story of macho dudes, dinosaurs, and villains.

Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit: Book One


Fun, violent, and just plain weird are three ways you could describe the graphic novel behind this surreal film. Ryan’s iconic artwork is brought to life in its film adaptation!

Attack on Titan


The last entry on our list draws inspiration from the seminal manga by Hajime Isayama. The bleak, oppressive atmosphere and iconic setting of the anime were introduced in Isayama’s bold black and white panels.

Read them or watch them, these titles are all worth checking out! All of the shows and movies listed here are available on, so what are you waiting for?! Get watching!