In April of 2010, a new Cartoon Network series premiered and changed the landscape for American cartoons in a huge way. The surreal and wonderful world of Adventure Time was a labor of love brought to life by numerous artists and writers working under series creator Pendleton Ward. With the tenth and final season wrapping up this year, we wanted to take a look at some of the creators behind the series and highlight the new projects they’ve worked on!

Natasha Allegri’s Bee and Puppycat


What She Did on Adventure Time: storyboard revisionist

Allegri’s beloved series started life as an animated short that she pitched to Frederator. After a famously successful Kickstarter campaign (it’s actually the most successful animation Kickstarter ever!), that short went on to become Bee and Puppycat! Allegri’s series carries a similar offbeat sense of humor as Adventure Time, but incorporates a distinctly anime-influenced visual style and a story more grounded in contemporary reality. The monumental success of this project’s Kickstarter really shows how much fans treasure this series, and with good reason! Why not go watch it yourself? (Ahem, nonchalant link to VRV)

Patrick McHale’s Over the Garden Wall


What He Does on Adventure Time: creative director

Patrick McHale is the creator of the critically acclaimed Over the Garden Wall. The Cartoon Network mini-series began life as a concept for a full length television show, but was shot down, eventually finding life in its current, shorter form. McHale’s love of German fairy tales, Colonial American aesthetics, and haunting folklore can be felt throughout each episode, and it’s the perfect watch for when autumn rolls around!

Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe


What She Did on Adventure Time: writer, storyboard artist, songwriter

When Rebecca Sugar launched Steven Universe on Cartoon Network in 2013, it marked the first time the network premiered a show solely created by a woman. This isn’t the only boundary Steven Universe pushes, as its representation of myriad emotional and social themes is something pretty groundbreaking for children’s entertainment. Much like Adventure Time, Sugar’s series is episodic in nature but has a buried overarching plot with a surprising amount of depth.

Ian Jones-Quartey’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes


What He Did on Adventure Time: storyboard supervisor and revisionist

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is not only a mouthful, but it’s also a must-watch for anyone who grew up playing 2D fighting games and watching shonen battle anime! Quartey’s kinetic series shifts between visual styles freely, and has a distinct focus on beautifully animated fights that just look REALLY COOL.

Pendleton Ward’s Bravest Warriors


Adventure Time Pedigree: he created it!

Pendleton Ward is the man who lit Adventure Time’s torch, and his new series, Bravest Warriors, carries on its legacy. Bravest Warriors got its start on Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel, where it quickly gained fan traction. Ward’s signature blend of action, adventure, and extremely strange humor charmed and delighted fans of his previous work and newcomers alike! With its immensely likable cast, sharp writing, and distinctly Ward art style, Bravest Warriors is the penultimate experience for anyone any fan of Adventure Time! And you can watch it right here on VRV!