Have you ever looked at fireflies and wondered to yourself, “why do some animals glow?” In this week’s selection, British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough takes us on a guided tour of one of the most beautiful mysteries in nature: bioluminescence. Join us as we explore David Attenborough’s Light on Earth!


In a project only made possible by modern improvements to color camera technology, Attenborough and a team of scientists guide us through the magical world of living lights. From luminous forest insects to fluorescent deep-sea animals to networks of glowing fungi, we explore the world of bioluminescence.


The first thing you will notice upon starting the film is just how visually stunning it is. The cameras used capture a remarkable amount of detail in low-lighting situations, and serve to capture the intricate patterns and motions of the glowing organisms on display.


Attenborough’s narration is second-to-none here as well, as one would expect. His skill as a broadcaster is on full display here, guiding us seamlessly from historical anecdote to science, from one breathtaking locale to the next.

Accessible yet interesting, Light on Earth is essential viewing for documentary fans, cinematography enthusiasts, and anyone with an unquenchable curiosity about the magnificent world around us.