Game Grumps is objectively wonderful—I’ve wiled away plenty of hours watching their comedic let’s plays! Looking for more of that magic? We’re here to help! If you’re a fan of Dan, Arin, the rest of the Gumps, and their escapades, here are four titles you’ll love.

Red vs. Blue


What It Is: A legendary comedy show comprised of Halo gameplay footage and voiceover

Why It’s Cool: This Rooster Teeth series is a famous early example of the machinima movement—the use of video game footage to create fictional, cinematic work. The situational comedy utilized humor that was appealing to fans of video games while also remaining accessible to general viewers!

Fans of Game Grumps Will Like: The use of video games to create comedic narratives

Rage Quit


What It Is: One man plays the most annoying games in the world and reacts to them… loudly.

Why It’s Cool: When Michael Jones, the host of Rage Quit, is mad, it makes me very happy. When he plays an aggravating game, the way Jones strings together f-bombs is nothing less than poetic. Rage Quit is a perfect encapsulation of the anger everyone who has dealt with shoddy game mechanics has felt, and I love it for that.

Fans of Game Grumps Will Like: The over-the-top, profanity-ridden reactions to gameplay



What It Is: Dan Harmon and a group of his friends play a tabletop game together

Why It’s Cool: Tabletop gaming series like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone are becoming quite popular lately! HarmonQuest adds a unique slant to this trendwhile most tabletop shows are either podcasts or primarily use footage of the hosts playing, HarmonQuest incorporates animation to illustrate the goings on of the characters! Add the fact that the series blends comedy and drama in equal measures, and you’ve got a must-watch!

Fans of Game Grumps Will Like: The blend of comedy and drama; excellent chemistry between the hosts

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!


What It Is: A boy dies and is reborn in a fantasy realm… surrounded by idiots.

Why It’s Cool: Imagine It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but set in a high-fantasy realm. Now you have a pretty good idea of the appeal of this anime. This is a series about lovable idiots and their hijinks with a fantastical twist!

Fans of Game Grumps Will Like: Irreverent humor; in-jokes for RPG fans