HO HO HO. Hello there! I’m Santa Claus, the unknowable specter of yuletide generosity, and I’m finishing up preparations for my annual gift-giving journey! I stole VRV blog writer Cayla Coats’s account to post this! The holidays can be a particularly stressful time of year (especially when you run a workshop that supplies literally the entire world’s toys every year), but I find that there’s one thing that will always help calm me down—holiday specials!

My friends at VRV asked me to choose some of my favorite holiday specials from their extensive pool of series and movies, so I did just that! Without further ado, here we go—nine VRV series, episodes, and specials that fill me with the true spirit of the holidays!

My Brother, My Brother and Me Candlenights & Vape Ape

02. mbmbam

The McElroy Brothers, serial Nice Listers, start this episode helping a viewer with a vaping problem, but then they get sidetracked when the holiday Candlenights arrives. The brothers come together and put on a show for their hometown

Camp Camp A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever

03. camp camp

I have a particular soft spot for jaded kids rediscovering the holiday spirit, so I’m quite fond of this Camp Camp episode! The kids of Camp Camp get into the holiday spirit when a freak snow storm blows in. David tries to make it the best “holiday” for all the kids, while Max and Neil try to figure out why Nikki loves Christmas so much.

RWBY Chibi Nondescript Holiday Spectacular

04. rwby chibi

RWBY is one of my favorite animated series ever, and I just love these cute little chili shorts—so of course the holiday episode would be a perfect choice! Ruby and her friends are celebrating Nondescript Winter Holiday when a certain mischievous villain decides to steal all of their holiday spirit!

A Town Called Panic A Christmas Panic!

05. a town called panic

As a creator of toys myself, I can appreciate the artistry that goes into a television show animated exclusively with action figures! In this special, Indian and Cowboy become overexcited in anticipation of their Christmas gifts and end up landing themselves on the naughty list. The two troublemakers take a trip to the North Pole in an attempt to reclaim their presents.

RiffTrax Christmas with RiffTrax featuring Magic Christmas Tree

06. magic xmas tree

Magic Christmas Tree is a fresh slice of holiday weird, sure to bring back cherished childhood memories, and what better way to watch it than with the RiffTrax gang! Remember how your parents used to tell that old Christmas tale of a boy who hit his head trying to help a witch retrieve a cat named Lucifer, hallucinated for months, and befriended a creepy, sarcastic tree? No? Well that’s probably for the best, you were a young, impressionable child. But you’re ready now!

Better Watch Out

07. better watch out

Maybe you’re in the mood for something a bit… darker this holiday season. This Shudder original is a fresh and gleefully twisted spin on home-invasion horror! Babysitter Ashley must defend her young charges when intruders break into the house one snowy night – or so she thinks!

North Pole

08. north pole

How do Dasher and Prancer break it to Santa that his weight is affecting their health? What if the elves discover that Santa is working for the NSA? While this isn’t the most flattering portrayal of my domain, it’s certainly one of the funniest!

The Crunchyroll Holiday Special

09. crunchyroll xmas

Mike Toole is the one man in the world whose jolliness levels match mine, and he worked with the Crunchyroll gang to make this Holiday Special—a bizarre, nog-fueled fever dream into the world of anime and winter festivity.

That about does it! I hope you enjoy these seasonally appropriate offerings from VRV, and, from the man in the red suit himself, have a happy holiday!