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Castaway on the Moon 4

Robinson Crusoe in the City

Lee Hae-jun’s directorial debut, Castaway on the Moon (2009), is a rare entry into the comedic genre. While the foibles of the human character have been fodder for comedians since man first grappled with thought and language, modern cinematic comedies often shied away from the more risqué material. And for good reason, suicide, depression, and acute social withdrawal are strange bedfellows to comedy. Yet, not only does Lee attempt to tackle these issues, he manages to garner laughs while at the same time making you actually care about the story on screen and the two very damaged people trying to survive.

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The 5 Most Dangerous Space Bounty Hunter Shows

Sure, bounty hunters are cool, I guess, but why settle for your average podunk, business-up-front-party-in-the-back haircut-havin’ nobody when you can take your bounty hunting hijinks to SPACE? There’s nothing quite like a good space bounty hunter saga, and there’s a heaping helping available to watch right now on VRV. Gather up a scrappy team of rogues, set yourself up with an appropriately weathered sidearm, and choose a target from some of the most dangerous bounties in the star system below.

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Saint Seiya – A Beginner’s Guide

Saint Seiya is a classic, action-packed series with an extensive cast of characters and a large and expansive universe that’s even now continuing to grow. Packed with mythology and lore from many different regions, there are manga, anime, movies, and even video games that continue to keep the large fanbase united and strong. Getting into Saint Seiya can be a daunting challenge once one sees how many series are attached to the franchise, but that’s where I come in to help with that.


D&D & VRV: How the VRV Office Plays Tabletop Games

“In the distance, you see a looming figure emerge from the sandstorm: a minotaur, easily ten feet tall, riding atop a monstrous black rhino. He’s charging right at you.”

It was finally happening. What started as a simple whodunit mystery intended only to span a few sessions quickly grew into a conflict that took almost a year to resolve, and now, at long last, the players were face to face with the Big Bad I had been teasing for months. I brought the lights down, turned up the music, and let loose the gravelly roar I had been practicing for weeks:

“I am Woebringer, master of a thousand beasts! I will tear the armor from your flesh, and hang it as a trophy in my halls… and your weapons, I will give to my slaves!”