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Meet Coty Galloway: The Coolest Cat in Final Space

Fans of sci-fi and animation are in for a treat when TBS series Final Space launches on VRV this week. The series, created by and starring “Tennessee wonder child” Olan Rogers, is a mix of comedy, drama, and action in space. To get viewers warmed up, I had a chat with Coty Galloway, the voice of Avocato and a long-time friend and collaborator of Rogers’s.


A Conversation With Twitter’s Most Talkative Cat

For decades, internet users have turned to cats to provide them some reprieve from social problems and their personal troubles. In the beginning, there was longcat, Caturday, and That Fucking Cat. Then, there were cheezburgers, Maru, keyboard cats, nyan, and so on—the list is endless, and the sheer quantity of shared cat material online suggests that they may have been the engine that launched meme culture out of the orbit of sites like 4chan and onto the general internet.

This is the reality we now live in, in which one can purchase cat meme books at Spencer’s Gifts and easily follow any number of cat accounts on Twitter.

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Meet the Sherlock Holmes Fan Who Built His Own 221B Baker Street

Fans create amazing things. They collect, they build, and they show their love and appreciation in a beautiful myriad of ways. Whether they have the world’s largest Hatsune Miku figurine collection or are trying to build every Doctor’s TARDIS, fan collections and creations are simply marvelous. A sterling example is Chuck Kovacic’s authentic and historically accurate recreation of Sherlock Holmes’ sitting room at 221B Baker Street.