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General updates to VRV.


NickSplat Content Refresh!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here—More NickSplat content is coming to VRV! For the first time since the channel launch, all episodes of select series will be available to stream on VRV. Here’s a handy list of which shows will be there in full starting tomorrow, November 27th:


Announcing Harmonquest Season 3 on VRV

Do you like roleplaying games? Of course you do! They’re excuses for friends to get together and be doofuses while slaying imaginary dragons. Now, what if your friends were all famous funny people? And what if you weren’t playing at all, but sitting back and watching them do it instead? Then you’d have Harmonquest, a show where Dan Harmon, Spencer Crittenden, Erin McGathy, and Jeff B. Davis play fantasy RPG Pathfinder for your amusement and edification.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.06.53 PM

Stargate Comes To VRV. Yes, All of It.

Attention all spacefaring individuals, incoming transmission from Stargate Command. Please stand by.


The expansive science fiction universe of Stargate is coming to VRV! All of the theatrical films, television shows, and accompanying bonus material and featurettes will all be available to stream on VRV Select starting today, March 15th! Based on a speculative version of the present where mankind is linked to intergalactic civilizations through spacetime gateways, the Stargate franchise spans four movies and three television series, including the brand new Stargate Origins, released this year. 


One Piece and More Coming to VRV!

We’re EXTREMELY HAPPY to announce that ALL of your favorite Crunchyroll shows are now available to stream on VRV! The entirety of One Piece is now here to watch for free, and we’re also bringing on Digimon Adventure tri, Sailor Moon Crystal, and more! Watch all your favorites on VRV! WITH OFFLINE VIEWING!! What a glorious day.