Gaining Strength From Fairy Tales in RWBY

I have a soft spot for retellings of fairy tales. I might not know the original versions of Snow White or Beauty and The Beast, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying different versions of these stories, which have been told and retold hundreds of times over hundreds of years. Because these kinds of narratives draw on basic human experiences and emotions, they continue to turn up in different media, and it feels like there’s always new magic magic to be found in their characters and settings.

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Why My Favorite RPG Isn’t a Videogame

Whenever I start growing bored of JRPGs, I reread the manga series Magic Knight Rayearth. Created by the legendary manga team CLAMP in 1994, Magic Knight Rayearth is a six volume manga series about three schoolgirls summoned to the magical world of Cephiro. There, they are told they must embark on a quest to save a princess named Emeraude from the clutches of the evil high priest Zagato.