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merritt k is the managing editor of the VRV Blog. She is also a writer and podcaster who hosts the weekly talk show Woodland Secrets.


What Your Favorite Zelda Game Says About You

Everybody loves personality tests, because everybody loves hearing about themselves. There’s just one problem with all these tests—they’re totally bogus. Meyers-Briggs? Junk. Blood type? Absurd. Star sign? Well, astrology is very much in right now so to avoid the ire of all of my homosexual Brooklynite readers I’ll just say it’s less than perfect.

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An Exclusive Preview of Czap Books’ Little Teeth

Little Teeth is an acclaimed webcomic by Jae Bearhat and Rory Frances about funny animals, queer lives, and bad choices. It originally ran at Hazlitt in 2015, and is now being collected as a book by Czap Books, including a brand-new chapter. Little Teeth is currently in preorders and will be released in 2019, and we are proud to present here an exclusive preview of the book.


A Conversation With Twitter’s Most Talkative Cat

For decades, internet users have turned to cats to provide them some reprieve from social problems and their personal troubles. In the beginning, there was longcat, Caturday, and That Fucking Cat. Then, there were cheezburgers, Maru, keyboard cats, nyan, and so on—the list is endless, and the sheer quantity of shared cat material online suggests that they may have been the engine that launched meme culture out of the orbit of sites like 4chan and onto the general internet.

This is the reality we now live in, in which one can purchase cat meme books at Spencer’s Gifts and easily follow any number of cat accounts on Twitter.

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Media Franchises I Only Know About Because of Fanfiction

Teen Wolf

Derek Hale is a werewolf, part of a pack that lives in the town of Stiles Stilinsky, a normal human boy who maybe looks like the gawky kid from The OC. Various supernatural threats slither through the town and it’s up to Derek and his werewolf powers to keep everyone safe. Derek and Stiles have tense chemistry. They are in a gay relationship.


You Can’t Go Home Again: The Legacy of the Angry Video Game Nerd

Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared at ZEAL and is republished here with permission.

Permit me, if you will, to take you back to the past. Way, way back a dozen years ago — before major gaming sites made comedy a key part of their video strategy, before most sites even had a video strategy. Before PewDiePies and Game Grumps and ProJareds and Dunkeys. Before the concept of YouTube stars. Back in the mid-2000s, things were simpler: we had a man. A rant. An Angry Video Game Nerd.