Kristina Manente

Kristina Manente is a freelance writer, travel blogger, podcaster, and all around audio-nerd with a musical addiction and a tea obsession. She also has a really cute dog.


Becoming the Happy Mask Salesman

When your cosplay gets mistaken for an HD remake screenshot, you know it’s good. And that’s exactly what happened to Geina, aka PokuriMio. Her Legend of Zelda Happy Mask Salesman cosplay is so accurate, so lifelike, that those who saw it simply had no choice other than to believe Nintendo was re-releasing Majora’s Mask on the Switch. The character is a memorable to fans as one of the first characters one encounters in the game, his creepy mannerisms setting the tone for a Zelda adventure significantly darker than Link’s previous outings.


Fun, Games, and Doctors: Debriefing New York Comic Con

It’s now been a few days since New York Comic Con came to a close, and my body, soul, and mind have mostly recovered. There’s something about these massive conventions that truly kicks your feet out from beneath you while also making you feel delighted about it. They’re a masochistic joyride, filled with swag, exclusives, the endless jostling against strangers all up in your personal bubble, and bursts of ecstasy. And all that’s before your seventh energy drink of the day.

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Meet the Sherlock Holmes Fan Who Built His Own 221B Baker Street

Fans create amazing things. They collect, they build, and they show their love and appreciation in a beautiful myriad of ways. Whether they have the world’s largest Hatsune Miku figurine collection or are trying to build every Doctor’s TARDIS, fan collections and creations are simply marvelous. A sterling example is Chuck Kovacic’s authentic and historically accurate recreation of Sherlock Holmes’ sitting room at 221B Baker Street.