A Beginner’s Guide to the McElroy Brothers

Maybe you stumbled upon a funny clip from their podcast. Maybe you’ve seen some of their video game journalism work. Maybe you have some friends who cosplay characters from The Adventure Zone. However you went about it, you’ve probably encountered some form of content created by the McElroy Brothers. This post will serve as a guide for those looking to dive even deeper into the media empire created by Justin, Travis, and Griffin!


Your Weekly Guide to VRV 2/5 – 2/11

You find yourself in an ancient ruin, the crumbling walls thick with moss and overgrown vines. The vast corridor you walk through is completely silent, save for the echoing of your footsteps. You notice a dim glow ahead. You begin to approach, tentatively at first, but the warm light compels you to go faster and faster, until you break into a full sprint. At last you reach the source of the mysterious light: a pedestal. You’ve found them. You found the Sacred Texts. You wipe off the thick film of dust to reveal, in ornate script, the title of the volume: Your Weekly Guide to VRV. You crack the spine and find the following eldritch knowledge:


One Piece and More Coming to VRV!

We’re EXTREMELY HAPPY to announce that ALL of your favorite Crunchyroll shows are now available to stream on VRV! The entirety of One Piece is now here to watch for free, and we’re also bringing on Digimon Adventure tri, Sailor Moon Crystal, and more! Watch all your favorites on VRV! WITH OFFLINE VIEWING!! What a glorious day.


Life After Adventure Time

In April of 2010, a new Cartoon Network series premiered and changed the landscape for American cartoons in a huge way. The surreal and wonderful world of Adventure Time was a labor of love brought to life by numerous artists and writers working under series creator Pendleton Ward. With the tenth and final season wrapping up this year, we wanted to take a look at some of the creators behind the series and highlight the new projects they’ve worked on!


If You Liked The Adventure Zone, You’ll Love This

A lot of people love the Adventure Zone. love the Adventure Zone. As someone who had little interest in tabletop roleplaying games beforehand, listening to Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy weave a disarmingly charming and lovely story out of their play sessions really opened my eyes to how special these games can be. If you’re caught up with TAZ and need something else to fill that hole in your free time, I’ve got a list of shows that provide something for all types of fans of Taako, Merle, and Magnus!


Your Science 101 Course

Did you pay attention in science class? Chances are, you answered no, but never fear! We’ve got you covered with five shows that will get your scientific knowledge up to snuff! Whether it’s bite-sized university courses, a fantastical voyage through time and space, or using science to explain our favorite comics and video games, these series make it fun to figure out how the world works!


This Week in VRV—Week of 1/21

Hi there, everyone! We’ve got another exciting week of new things for you to watch here at VRV, headed by a brand new science-based show! MinuteEarth explains the mysteries of our world in digestible, snappy chunks, and we’re proud to welcome it to the VRV Select family. Let’s get into what’s coming to VRV!


What Is Pop Team Epic?!

If you’re interested in anime, then chances are one of your friends has shared the image above on social media. These two characters are from a series called Pop Team Epic. But who exactly are these extremely cute, extremely vulgar girls? Why does one of them have a really long neck? What the heck is Pop Team Epic?! We’re here to help you figure it out.


Behind the Scenes of Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls

Almost 12 years after the violent conclusion to the original Basilisk, we’ve just finished the premiere of a brand new season of the series. Although the title and world are the same, just about everything else about the production is different. A new author, new studio, new staff and cast are all onboard to make this anime happen, with one notable exception which will be a welcome surprise for returning fans. Let’s take a look at the people behind Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls and just where this new story is coming from!